bsolomon2008@gmail.comBMDCR Mentors Program

What is the BMDCR Mentors program?

Have you ever wondered what events and activities are available for you and your dog?

Have you seen or heard of an event or activity for you and your dog that you might be interested
            in but didn’t know where to start or were afraid to ask?

Have you thought about an event or activity for you and your dog, but were unsure how to train,
            and afraid to invest in specialized equipment without knowing if your dog was a willing participant?

BMDCR Mentors are club members with skill and expertise in events and activities you can do with your dogs.  
These Mentors have agreed to act as points of contacts for your questions regarding how to get started, how 
and where to train, what equipment to buy, and how to find and enter events and activities.

BMDCR Mentors have volunteered to support your questions via phone and/or email. From time to time, 
they may schedule demonstrations that will be part of club meetings or as separate stand-alone events.  
You may be invited to local practice sessions or shows to see the mentor and their dogs in action.

All you need to do is take the first step by contacting a BMDCR Mentor!

BMDCR Mentors and their Events and Activities

Sara Karl                                719-660-0518
Stacy Temples                            970-231-0900
Patti Davieau                                 719-494-0148

Stacy Temples                             970-231-0900
Nancy Fuselier              719-531-7366
Patti Davieau                                  719-494-0148  
Renee Meriaux                   805-432-4379

Rally Obedience
Pam Solomon                      303-888-0045
Alice Clark                            970-224-4160
Patti Davieau​                                   719-494-0148 
Renee Meriaux                    805-432-4379

Valerie Horney                   303-903-5685
Renee Meriaux                  805-432-4379

Barry Solomon            720-318-7690
Patti Davieau                                 719-494-0148
Renee Meriaux                  805-432-4379

Sara Karl                               719-660-0518
Renee Meriaux                  805-432-4379

Tracking                    970-631-4167
Jane Marino

Ron Abbott                                   970-353-1939

Elaine Witulski                       303-828-6195
Patty Wellinger                720-505-0129             

Barn Hunt
Patty Wellinger               720-505-0129 

Trick Dog
Patty Wellinger              720-505-0129 
Renee Meriaux                 805-432-4379

Therapy Dog
Patti Davieau                                719-494-0148​

Veterinary/OFA/Penn Hip
Nancy Fuselier            719-531-7366

Sara Karl                               719-660-0518  

Canine Good Citizen  
Renee Meriaux                  805-432-4379
Patti Davieau                                 719-494-0148

BMDCR Members – If you would like to be listed as a Mentor for one of the events or activities above, or if you can Mentor an event or activity that is not on the list, please contact Barry Solomon at or