Photo contributed by Alice Clark
Photo contributed by Sandy Dunaway
2011 Draft Test
2011 Furry Scurry
Educational Program
BMDCR Upcoming Events

January 22, 2023 - Meeting & Annual Awards Banquet - Greenwood Village, CO.
11:30 Board Meeting, 12 pm General Members' Meeting and Awards Banquet.
Slide show photos must be submitted by 12/21/2022.
 Kathy Roth Award nominations must be submitted by 12/31/2022.
 Dog award forms must be submitted by 1/6/2023. 
Meals must be ordered before January 13/2023.
More information:  DETAILS
Chair: Lori Kennedy (not available for questions after 11/21/2022). 
Questions may be emailed to Sharon Keefer.           

April, 2023 - Herding Trial - Elizabeth, CO. Last weekend in April. Details to be announced. 
Chair: Sara Karl

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