BMDCR Breeder Referral Service
For those searching for a Berner puppy, our Breeder Refferal / Public Education Coordinator maintains a list of Bernese Mountain Dog breeders in the Rocky Mountain region who have, or are planning, litters and also meet certain requirements. Older dogs may occasionally also be available.   Please contact:

Philip Shaffer
Breeders may choose to list their litters or they may choose not to participate at all. Prospective buyers should be aware that many litters in the region are never listed.  
The BMDCR's requirements for listing a litter are designed to encourage breeders to research their matings and share information about their dogs.   The rules specifically avoid dictating to breeders what they can and cannot breed and therefore do not guarantee the quality of the puppies.  The Bernese Mountain Dog Club of the Rockies does not endorse, recommend, or evaluate breeders or their dogs. 
Breeder Referral Requirements 
  • The breeder of the litter or stud dog owner must be a voting member of the BMDCR in good standing or have the sponsorship of two voting members in good standing. 
  • Both the sire and dam of the litter must be registrable with the American Kennel Club. 
  • Both the sire and dam must have been evaluated by either the GDC, OFA, or appropriate foreign registry  for both hip and elbow dysplasia.   Preliminary evaluations are not acceptable.  There is no requirement that the dogs pass or receive numbers. 
  • The puppies must be sold with a health guarantee subject to a veterinarians exam within 48 hours of sale. 
  • Both the sire and dam must be entered in the Berner-Garde
  • The Breeder must provide a complete litter entry to the Berner-Garde. 
Referral Registration
BMDCR members who wish to list their litter can find the online form  HERE